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Frequently Asked Questions

The list of frequently asked questions below might help to answer any queries you may have. These relate specifically to Europesure policies. If you have any questions in respect of the Fit-4-Travel policies, please contact us on .

Who underwrites the Policies?
All our policies are underwritten at Lloyd's of London.
What is an Excess?
An excess is the first part of any claim that an Insured Person has to pay before the policy pays. Details of the excesses can be found in the Policy Summary
What is the maximum number of days that an Annual Policy covers?
An Annual Policy can be purchased to cover individual trips of either 17,32,45 or 90 days. Unlimited trips can be taken during the policy period up to the maximum days purchased per trip.
Are Winter Sports covered under Annual or Single Trip Policies?
No, Winter Sports cover is an option on either Annual or Single Trip policies.
Up to what age does the child rate apply?
The child rate applies up to 17 years of age at the date of travel.
Can a spouse/partner or child included on an Annual Policy travel separately?
A spouse/partner can travel separately but a child must travel with at least one Insured parent. For a child to travel separately, the adult rate would apply.
When does Cancellation Cover commence?
Cancellation Cover commences immediately after the product has been purchased and the relevant premium paid. It ends upon your departure from your Country of Residence.
Can I cancel my policy?
There is a cooling off period of 14 days from the date of purchase and assuming that your journey has not commenced and there has not been a claim, a full refund can be made. You can cancel this policy outside the cooling off period by giving Us thirty (30) days written notice. Provided You have not made a claim, a pro rata premium will be calculated and the remainder refunded subject to a minimum premium retention. See General Condition 12 for more detail.
Am I insured for hazardous activities?
You are covered for a number of hazardous activities which are carried out on an occasional basis. For specific details refer to the definition of Hazardous Activities in the Policy Wording
What is the definition of a family?
On our Single Trip policies a family is defined as 2 adults and all dependent children up to the age of 17 at the date of booking the travel insurance. On our Annual Multi Trip policies a family is defined as 2 adults and up to 2 children up to the age of 17 at the date of booking the travel insurance. Any additional children are charged separately.
Am I covered for any pre-existing medical conditions?
We will not pay for claims arising from any pre-existing condition at the inception date of the Period of Travel. This exclusion shall not apply if such pre-existing condition has been without the necessity of medical consultation or treatment for 24 consecutive months or 60 months in the case of heart related conditions (excluding controlled blood pressure or non inherited cholesterol) or cancer related conditions prior to the commencement date of the Period of Travel.
Am I covered for travel within my Country of Residence?
There is no cover for Section 2 Medical Expenses and Repatriation but cover applies under the other sections if Your Trip is away from Your home and at least two nights stay in pre-booked accommodation or involves a pre booked flight.
Do I have to pay my medical bills abroad?
If it is a small claim for medicines or minor treatment, you should pay the bills and submit the claim.
Can I reduce my premium by opting out of any covers?
Yes – you can reduce your premium by removing either medical expenses, repatriation and hospital benefit and/or cancellation cover and/or personal effects and baggage cover.
Can I insure my golf clubs?
Yes, under our Annual Multi Trip policies you can take out our optional golf cover which not only covers your golf clubs for loss and damage up to £1000 or 1500 Euros, but also covers you against loss of green fees.
What currency will my Policy be in and in what currency can I pay ?
Your policy will be designated according to the currency of the Country of Residence. Your payment will be debited to your debit/credit card in the currency of the card.


If you have a question which is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at or telephone +44 (0) 1277 637585.